P2P History


Person to Person Ministries was established in 1967 under the direction of Larry "Bus" Wiseman (Director 1967-1979) with the help of several Southwest Ohio residents who stepped up to the challenge to begin an evangelistic ministry that would reach out to families. It was in 1972 that Person to Person Ministries began hosting their Family Camp Meeting at the Marvin Wilson farm outside of Hillsboro, Ohio.


P2P Leadership


P2P ministries is governed by a board of trustees.

The Director of P2P, Alex Eddy, has been with Person to Person Ministries since 2020.

There are other staff members and volunteers who help in making P2P efforts a success.


P2P Mission

Assisting the Church in Building Disciples.

To know - Christ.
To grow - in faith.
To serve - effectively.

We accomplish this by:

• Assisting the church to fulfill God's plan for evangelism.
• Assisting the church to develop leaders for today and tomorrow.
• Assisting the church to equip the saints for works of service.
• Assisting the church in teaching God's people His word more fully.
• Assisting the church through encouragement and fellowship.
• Assisting the church in leading God's people in their walk with Him.

P2P Statement of Faith

Written by a Trustee Emeritus of Person to Person Ministries, Sherwood Smith

Person to Person Ministries is dedicated to the restoration of Christianity as it is revealed in the New Testament Scriptures. We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and the final authority in all things pertaining to Christianity. Christ promised the apostles that they would be guided into all truth (John 16:12-15). Therefore we believe that apostolic precedent (example) was directed by God and is as authoritative as verbal apostolic commands, That which the apostles led the church to do we seek to emulate.

It is clear in the teaching of the New Testament that the requirements for salvation and the requirements for church membership are identical. One becomes a Christian and member of Christ's universal church at exactly the same time and in exactly the same way. One cannot just "join" the church of our Lord. Rather the Lord adds to His church those who are saved, (Acts 2:47).


P2P formal partners

    P2P facilities

    Person to Person Ministries is based out of Hillsboro, Ohio on the beautiful Restoration Acres. Restoration Acres is a 153 acre campground consisting of over 600 camping lots and numerous buildings. Our camping lots provide an opportunity for you to come, not only during our programs, but also throughout the year for your camping enjoyment. There are electrical hookups, water hookups and restroom and shower buildings for your convenience. Please call in advance for availability and costs.