Church Leaders Seminar

  • The Church Leaders Seminar began in 1980 as a seminar for preachers. Due to widespread interest from other church leaders the Preachers Seminar ultimately became the Church Leaders Seminar. It aims to encourage, instruct, and equip church leaders in theological, practical, and personal aspects of church leadership. It is an afternoon, evening, and next morning event that allows time for fellowship as well as study.

    Designed for male church leaders. All Christian men are welcome.

    2023: Gary Johnson.
    2023: “What’s Next? How Thinking Forward Moves the Church Forward.”

    2023: January 12-13.

    Salt Fork State Park Lodge near Cambridge, OH.

    To download information, please click here.

    To download information, please click here.

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    This event sponsored by Person to Person Ministries.

    For more information, please email us at or call us at 937-840-9072.