Fellowship Club

  • Let me thank you for the opportunity to share with you concerning our Fellowship Club. The people who participate in this ministry link are vital to achieving all God leads us to do. Person to Person Ministries is like other ministries. We are dependent on the support of churches and individuals to carry out God’s plan for this ministry. The Fellowship Club certainly has become a major supporting link through the years to help this ministry become what it is today. With over 125 individuals and families giving over 20% of the annual gifts to this ministry, it isn’t difficult to see why this ministry link is so vitally important.

    Thank you for your consideration of joining the Fellowship Club, a ministry link for you and your family. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.

    Building Disciples Together,

    Alex Eddy,
    P2P Director

    1. The Fellowship Club is a group of people who desire to see Person to Person Ministries continue to help the kingdom of God grow through its programs and various avenues of ministry.
    2. Members commit to giving a minimum of $150.00 each year. (Just 48¢ a day)
    3. Fellowship Club members are given an opportunity to attend a free banquet on the Monday of the Hillsboro Family Camp Meeting which includes the opportunity to hear of our dreams, plans, and other vital information about the ministry.

    The money given to Person to Person Ministries through the Fellowship Club will be used for the general operation of the ministry. This includes salaries, maintenance of the campgrounds, office equipment and supplies, postage, promotional material and publications to promote the ministry and programs. Funds given to other projects (such as our special drives for buildings and improvements on the grounds) do not count toward the Fellowship Club commitment. The Fellowship Club donations are funds that are essential to the ongoing operation of the ministry, and are necessary to maintain daily operations.

    If you believe in the value of this ministry and would like to join the Fellowship Club, you may download the form here, or print out this page, fill it out, and mail it to

    Person to Person Ministries

    P.O. Box 39 ~ Hillsboro, OH 45133

    For more information, you may call us at (937) 840-9071.