P2P History


Person to Person Ministries was established in 1967 under the direction of Larry "Bus" Wiseman (Director 1967-1979) with the help of several Southwest Ohio residents who stepped up to the challenge to begin an evangelistic ministry that would reach out to families. It was in 1972 that Person to Person Ministries began hosting their Family Camp Meeting at the Marvin Wilson farm outside of Hillsboro, Ohio.


P2P Leadership

P2P ministries is governed by a board of trustees.

The director of P2P, Kerry Allen, has been with Person to Person Ministries since August, 1998 and as the director since October, 1999.

There are other staff members and volunteers who help in making P2P efforts a success.


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Your gift enables Person To Person to ASSIST THE CHURCH IN BUILDING DISCIPLES.

Person To Person finances will be audited by its board of trustees and an independent CPA firm on an annual basis. Copies of Person To Person financial statements are available by request.

Person To Person is an non-profit organization with a 501 c3 status. All donations to Person To Person are tax deductible.

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