P2P facilities


Person to Person Ministries is based out of Hillsboro, Ohio on the beautiful Restoration Acres. Restoration Acres is a 153 acre campground consisting of over 600 camping lots and numerous buildings. Our camping lots provide an opportunity for you to come, not only during our programs, but also throughout the year for your camping enjoyment. There are electrical hookups, water hookups and restroom and shower buildings for your convenience. Please call in advance for availability and costs.


Housing Options

If you are not one who likes to camp and would rather stay in hotel for any of our programs, there are several hotels within driving distance of Restoration Acres. Please contact them to reserve a room. We have not made any arrangements with them for specials, nor are we making any recommendations as to the best place to stay. We receive many phone calls concerning hotels and thus are providing phone numbers to those places within 30 to 45 Min. driving time.