Get Involved

  • Person to Person Ministries hosts and/or sponsors events year-round that help fulfill her mission to “ASSIST THE CHURCH IN BUILDING DISCIPLES.”

    Your personal participation is vital to the continuation of these events. Please participate by:

    > Going to the event in person
    > Recruiting others to attend with you
    > Praying for the event
    > Purchasing a recorded copy of the event for further study
    > Encouraging others to get a recorded copy of the event

    Prayer must be the source of power from which all spiritual activity springs.

    In the Bible prayerfulness is commended and commanded, while prayerlessness is condemned. In seeking to be like the church in the New Testament prayer must be an integral part of life.

    Therefore, P2PM calls upon all who will to pray for her daily.

    Person to Person Ministries has only two paid staff members. We depends on volunteers to conduct her ministry. We have periodic Work Days that are scheduled. We welcome volunteers anytime they are available (call the office to schedule your service).

    P2P needs help in various ways at various times. To know more about volunteering opportunities, please click here...