P2P Partners

  • Encouragement is what Barnabas Ministry is all about. We believe the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ should be encouraged. The Lord gave gifts for that purpose. Serving in the Kingdom, like all service, can be taxing, tiring, and sometimes trying.

    Barnabas Ministry was established to encourage The Church to continue in its work and not grow weary in well doing. We desire to exhort and inspire the church to continue in love and good deeds.

    P2P partner with Barnabas Ministry in organizing a annual event entitled "Winter Worship & Worship” which is held yearly in Pigeon Forge, TN. This meeting provided worship, education, inspiration, and fellowship.


    After spending over twenty years of community service in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Sudan, we came to realize our need for advanced education in professional counseling. We wanted to better equip ourselves to meet the needs of Arab communities, especially in the area of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) so frequently experienced in today’s Middle East.

    For this reason, we went to Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) to obtain our master’s degrees in professional counseling from Cincinnati Christian University. Throughout our studies, our vision for building an online community to present and discuss a holistic approach to wellness and to provide training services for local communities became better defined.

    We are building an online community to Educate individuals and groups who are interested in learning more about this Holistic Wellness Model to enrich their personal lives and contribute to their communities in a way that shows sensitivity and respect to their cultural backgrounds and traditions.


    Southern Cross Ministry was established in 2002 by Jim and Becky Newman. They, along with their two sons, started working in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia in 2003.

    After going and relieving Dr. Delroy Brown and his wife for three months in 2001, Jim and Becky received an invitation from Delroy to join his wife and him in their work in Toowoomba. Upon accepting the invitation to join their work, Jim and Becky started making plans.

    With Hillsboro Church of Christ on board in their support, along with several other congregations supporting the work, Jim and Becky started making their plans and left in December of 2003 to begin their work in Toowoomba.