Restoration acres


Person to Person Ministries was established in 1967 under the direction of Larry "Bus" Wiseman (Director 1967-1979) with the help of several Southwest Ohio residents who stepped up to the challenge to begin an evangelistic ministry that would reach out to families.

Our camping lots provide an opportunity for you to come, not only during our programs, but also throughout the year for your camping enjoyment. There are electrical hookups, water hookups and restroom and shower buildings for your convenience. Please call in advance for availability and costs.


Fellowship Club

The Fellowship Club is a group of people who desire to see Person to Person Ministries continue to help the kingdom of God grow through its programs and various avenues of ministry.

Fellowship Club members are given an opportunity to attend a free banquet on the Monday of the Hillsboro Family Camp Meeting which includes the opportunity to hear of our dreams, plans, and other vital information about the ministry.