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SALT Ministries

Our Mission

Proclaim Christ to Arabs & Make Disciples Globally

SALT Ministry functions as a sub ministry of Person to Person Ministries, under the supervision of its trustees.

Arabs Worldwide

The Arab world consists of 22 countries divided into three distinct sectors, five in the Middle East, ten in North Africa, and seven in the Arabian Peninsula.

About 400 million Arabs live in the Arab world and 80 million more are spread throughout Europe and around the world.

Our Newsletter

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For privacy and security reasons, we cannot post some of the stories and developing news publicly. In the past we did not use personal information.

However, after much prayer and advice, we want to start sharing publicly some of our news and the ways in which others can partner with us.

SALT Online Library:

After you complete registration, you will become a member of SALT community and will have access to the following: On-Demand class on Islam, +130 posts about multiple aspects of Islam, testimonial videos for Arabs came to faith in Jesus from Islamic background and more. Starting Jan. 1, 2021, the following classes will be available:

1. Understanding Islam (Doctrine, History)
2. Women in Islam
3. Evangelism and Small Groups

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SALT Director - George (AlSalty):

After spending over twenty years of Christian service in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Sudan, George, came to realize our need for advanced education in Biblical studies and professional counseling. George and his wife Zina went through additional professional training in the area of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is frequently experienced by Arabs and refugees from Middle Eastern and other Arab countries.

They moved to Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) to obtain undergraduate degrees in Biblical studies and master’s degrees in professional counseling from the recently closed Cincinnati Christian University. Throughout our studies, we maintained a vision for building an online community to portray the New Testament Christian, using leadership tools, and a holistic approach towards wellness.

Services In the Arabic Language:

1. Local Outreach - Dearborn, MIChigan:

George and Zina reach out to the community by hosting an Arabic house church in their home. As disciples of Jesus, their mission is to “Proclaim Christ to Arabs and make Disciples”. They host two regular weekly meetings presented in the Arabic language.

George also oversees, with the help of local churches, collection of used furniture, household items, and school supplies for low income families living in the community and especially for Arab refugees in the area.

2. Online BiblE School:

The School objective is to “Identify, Educate, and Equip Arabs to Start New Ministries.” We are providing articles, short videos, and online coaching to develop Christian leaders who will impact their communities.

We want to imitate Jesus' holistic approach to Christian service. SALT ministry will serve as a bridge between our school students and our ministry partners.

3. Wellness Center:

This center provides psychoeducation and coaching to individuals and groups who are interested in learning more about the Holistic Wellness Model to enrich their personal lives, helping individuals to contribute to their communities in a way that shows sensitivity and respect to various cultural backgrounds and traditions.

Because of COVID-19, We went digital by offering psychological/educational content and connected with Arabs (especially refugees) one-on-one by phone or Zoom.

4. International Conferences and Projects:

Our goal is to visit our partners in their communities on a regular basis. As requested, we will teach classes about discipleship , pastoral care, and mental health issues.

In order to connect our students with sponsoring churches, we want to facilitate annual trips (based upon available funds) and invite partners to join us. Usually, we will be assisting our partners in implementing their ministry projects.

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George & Zina

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